Hidden Palace Games

Ease of mind is very important, so here is what the HPG Guarantee covers:


Video Games and Other Entertainment Media

  • All media are guaranteed to work.
      • Unless specifically noted in the individual listings, we do not guarantee the status of batteries in older video games.
      • If included, all video game cases are 1st party manufactured cases with some exceptions such as Wii games that weren't released in Wii branded cases. We simply don't believe in using generic cases to house awesome video games in.
      • All cases are used, but will not have broken teeth, tabs, or holes in the plastic. No cracks either. The exception to this rule are hang tabs on certain game boxes. These will be noted in individual listings.
      • All disc-based media will be cleaned (if needed) before shipping out using our (almost) state of the art disc resurfacing machines.
      • There will be no white-grey resurfacing gunk in the inner rings of any discs we sell.
      • No pre-owned/rental stickers or markings whatsoever


      Plush Toys and Similar Collectibles

      • 100% authentic, if we have even 1% doubt over the authenticity of any item, it will not be listed here. Unlicensed and replica products have no place in Hidden Palace Game. Quality custom fan created works however are welcomed.
      • Everything is stored in an air conditioned room. No pet dander, no cigarette smoke, no mold, no worries.
      • Everything with paper tags will have their paper tags protected with either cardboard or plastic.
      • There may be times where an item is listed and it's on the recall list. Please do not give these to infants and young children to play with without close adult supervision.


      If for any reason you receive something and it's dead on arrival/defective, Contact Us and we'll help you through the refund process.



        All orders within the USA that meets or exceeds $75 qualifies for free shipping :)


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