Hidden Palace Games

Hidden Palace Games (abbreviated HPG) is but a mere humble online shop dedicated to selling Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog collectible memorabilia with a side of actual video games. Many of our products are actually obtained from various other collectors and auction sites, therefore are pre-owned. However, pre-owned doesn't have to mean "thoroughly used and reeks of sweaty five week old gym socks". Rather, HPG strives to only sell items that would meet most people's standards in our main gallery. In addition, if your standards are a lot more loose than say, a collector, there will be a section for items that we would consider "below par". Regardless, HPG will never knowingly sell anything that smells like cigarette smoke or encrusted with bits of Cheetos. We also go above and beyond by detailing each aspect of a product, from whether or not a plush toy is missing its hang string or if there are cheat codes written inside the manual. Unless we have a large quantity of the same item of similar condition, each item will have its own page listing.


"Get legit, or get out!"

To ease your mind when shopping with us, we will never sell counterfeit/bootlegged products. If we even have half an ounce of suspicion, it won't be listed here. Fan created custom items do not fall in the same category as counterfeit/bootlegs.


We're located somewhere in Florida USA. Why? Because cost of living is cheaper than California! Anyway, no matter what shipping method you elect to pay, all items will ship within 1-2 business days. The only difference, depending on what you pay, is the shipping method (standard vs priority for instance). We see no reason to wait 1-2 WEEKS to ship out anything when that something is in a box somewhere ten feet of us. Unless we suddenly run out of ink. But that rarely happens.

Oh and we ship worldwide. While there are no region locks on plush toys, please ensure that your system can play the video games you're ordering from us. It would really be way past uncool if that NTSC Wii U game doesn't work on your PAL region Wii U.




All orders within the USA that meets or exceeds $75 qualifies for free shipping :)