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Approved Group Auction Hosts
Only the listed individuals can host GAs as the bidder, money handler, and shipper. If you like to be a GA Host, please apply when applications are open. Do not ask when they'll be opened.

Name Country  Sites they can bid on
SEGAMew USA Y!JA, mBok, Rakuten, and eBay
Akatsuki Konan USA eBay, Y!JA
Amanda Fleet Canada eBay, Y!JA
Anna Starfire USA eBay
Ayah Badr USA eBay, Y!JA
Casey Brown USA eBay
Samantha Castora USA eBay
Shannara Roy USA eBay
Shan Wong USA eBay
Skyy Chan USA eBay

Group Auction Rules - For the Members
Subject to change as required

1) Pokemon Merch Collectors and the GA Branch Groups share the same rules and ban lists.
The usual rules that exist on the main Pokemon Merch Collectors group applies here as well (respect people, no harassing, etc). This includes respecting people's reasons for winning certain items. Zero tolerance for discrimination. To remain a member on the GA group, membership within the main group must be maintained. Membership in both groups is a privilege, not a right.

2) Make bids based on your budget.
If you are or predict that you will be in a tight financial state, it is recommended that you don't bid over your means. Do not expect other members to "take over" your bid because you are suddenly pregnant.

3) Be prompt, be ready.
Please only bid if you can follow through on all necessary payments as required in a timely manner. All bidders must be at least Paypal ready. It's up to the individual GA Host to accept alternate payment methods. Please contact them before bidding on the GA if you like to utilize an alternate payment method. Members who are considered at financial risk and/or can't make payments in a timely manner may be suspended from the GA Group.

4) Standard auctions are not exclusive to the GA Group.
Remember that all auctions being GA'd are opened for being bid on outside of the group. No one entity is entitled to the auction. We win some we lose some. Expect the possibility of members of this group bidding on the auction outside of the GA. What we don't condone is the member bidding alongside in the same GA, then bidding on the auction outside the GA on their own (or the reverse of that). There will be consequences.

5) No sharing, no caring.
Please do not share the contents of this group to those who aren't members of this group.

6) Tag, you're it!
Be courteous and tag the person you are counter bidding in your bid comment. You would appreciate it if you were tagged when being counterbidded as well.

7) We must maintain records of everything.
Do not delete or edit any comments. Alert either the Host or Sega Mew.

8) Commitment is a must.
No backing out, you could be crucial key in the winning of the GA.

9) Behave, don't unleash your issues upon everyone.
If you have an issue, please contact an Admin of this group.

10) Deactivation from Facebook puts your status as a GA member at risk.
Deactivating while having open transactions for more than 24 hours is an auto removal. And more than 1 week gives your GA host the right to sell held items and they will refund you when you reactivate. If you do not reactivate for a month your held items may be fully forfeited and refund may no longer be available.

10) This is strictly an invite only group.
If you have a friend that wishes to join this group, direct them to the GA Membership application on the main group (when opened).

11) Don't call SEGAMew a GA Stealer.


Group Auction Rules - for the GA Host and Co-Host:
A GA Host is defined as: The one who actually bids on the auction, handles the money, and ships. Only approved members can be a GA Host.
A Co-Host is defined as: The one who does the secretarial duties of a GA (thread making, bid tracking, spreadsheet creation, etc). Anyone with membership in good standing in the GA Group may be a Co-Host.
A GA Host can be their own co-host and performs any of the duties of a co-host. A Co-host may not do any of the duties of a GA Host if they are not an approved GA Host.

1) Hosts combined can't claim more than 13% of the entire lot quantity-wise.

2) GA Host may not claim less than 33% value on claims. Co-Hosts may not claim less than 45% value on claims.

3) Singular items regardless of its size or value count as one quantity each. In the case of a bundle (like a rubber banded pile of cards), it may be considered as one quantity.

4) If the GA host and/or Co-Host claims one of few most sought after items within the Group Auction it must be claimed at 65% value. If there is a dispute over the value, please contact an admin of the GA Group.

5) GA Hosts wanting to host another GA within the same month must receive  SEGAMew's blessings before doing so. This rule is subject to change after September 2015.

6) In House auctions will be limited to 2 a month total. In-house auction regulation and rules will be defined later.

7) While the GA group runs as a non-profit, GA Hosts may include a small handling fee for larger GAs.

8) When posting your spread sheet, enforce the rule that participants must with within 48 hours to pay or risk forfeiture. The 48 hour may be extended at your own discretion but it can not be below 48 hours and you must stick to your word on the time you say.


All orders within the USA that meets or exceeds $75 qualifies for free shipping :)


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