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As Veteran Collectors, we have come to expect to pay a premium to get that One Piece into our collections. However, even veterans have to start at the lowest rank: Beginner Collector. Beginner Collectors might not yet generate their own income, so they rely on their ever versatile Parental Unit to get them started. So it is understandable that seeing a high price tag for what seems to be a typical plush toy (even if they never ever seen it before) can cause some... interesting reactions.

We at Hidden Palace Games acknowledge that a more casual group frequent conventions while the hardiest collectors do their hunting online. So from now on, we'll be focusing more on uploading more pricier and/or under appreciated characters (no one ever asks for Croagunk) online and bringing a more affordable selection to conventions :) There will be, of course, more pricier pieces display at our convention showings juuuuust in case!

As always, we are willing to work within your budget. Feel free to use the Name Your Price option!


Written by Ekko @HPG — December 02, 2015

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All orders within the USA that meets or exceeds $75 qualifies for free shipping :)


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