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HPG Starry Monthly Boxy - Recurring Payments

HPG Starry Monthly Boxy - Recurring Payments

Hidden Palace Games Starry Boxy Monthly is just what is sounds like: A box you get every month filled with various merchandise Hidden Palace Games offers! Everything included has video gaming relevance, from franchises that started out as video games! Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Angry Birds (yes, we don't discriminate mobile games!), the whole shebang! You will be billed monthly until you decide to suspend your subscription (you can turn it right back on again). Condition-wise, everything is rated at Very Good or higher, and no need to fear of receiving bootlegs :) Also, the prices include shipping~

Types of things to expect in the boxes*:
- Plush Toys
- Figures
- Books
- Toys
- Stationary
- Office Supplies
- Apparel
- Cards
- And more!
Also included in every box is a product with art done by SEGAMew (if it's a print, it will be signed by the artist)

The first round of subscription boxes are set to go out starting as soon as January 2016, place your preorders today!


*Not all of the merchandise types or mentioned franchises will be in every single box. Every box is unique and contain different merchandise from one person to another. Boxes are not refundable. It is highly recommended to sign up for an account on Hidden Palace Games so that you can manage your subscription settings.

**Due to shipping costs, currently the HPG Starry Boxy Monthly is not available to customers outside the USA. We'll look into the most cost effective way to offer this in the future.