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If the item has a plastic covering, it will be referred to as a "button" in the name of the listing. If the image is printed on a metal base (like that of a soda pop can), it will be referred to as a badge in the name of the listing. This is disregarding the name of the series the item is from.

Unless otherwise stated, all buttons and badges have a safety pin style fastener.


All orders within the USA that meets or exceeds $75 qualifies for free shipping :)


Delisting Pokemon and Sonic products from the store, updating listings

Due to increasing demand for Pokemon and Sonic products at conventions, we will be unlisting the Pokemon and Sonic licensed merchandise from our store, We will still have some of...

Back from Atlantale!

I like to say that it has been a blast working with Spoopy-Gaster in making Atlantale happen for all Undertale fans to enjoy! For me, it went by too fast....

Happy New Years 2018 from Hidden Palace Games!

Boy, it has been a looooong time since the last blog! Expect great things, some changes, new art, and more from here on out :) Keep on collecting!- Ekko